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Blulight My Coachspace is a service giving you a private, safe and courageous space to explore and uncover what lies within.

Come to Blulight for a positive change.

Desired change awaits, goals met, dreams realised.

Coaching philosophy

Rooted in the Taoism philosophy, 知,明, 悟, 修, ⾏行行. the essence of these tenets are:

知 (Zhi)- Aware

明 (Ming) – Understand

悟 (Wu) – Awakens

修 (Sui) – Cultivate

⾏行行 (Xing) – Action

It is based on the evolution of a seed of thought into an effective action, cultivating life giving sustainable habits.

Meet a life coach

Hi, I am Su-Yin, Blulight’s principal coach.

Thank you for coming here to check out my profile. I am a certified professional life coach, I worked with clients on life and work issues relating to career transitioning, entrepreneurial building and corporate leadership development.

I can help you live a life you desire and realise your dreams. You may be at a cross road or desire to achieve your life goals and aspirations and looking for some guidance, my coaching programme is here to empower you.


  • Asia/Singapore(GMT+08:00)
  • Voice call or video
  • Languages: English/ Mandarin
  • FREE 30 min consultation

YOUR COACH: Blulight’s principal coach – Su Yin.
Professionally trained and accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Serving clients at their cross roads on life issues, ranging from career transitioning to entrepreneurial business building and leadership development.

Su Yin has practised as a life coach since 2017 and brings to you her perspective based on more than 25 years of professional experience in legal, investment, and business strategic fields; having held office as CEO and director of public listed companies in Singapore and Australia.

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