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Hi, I am Su-Yin, Blulight’s principal coach.

Thank you for coming here to check out my profile. I am a certified professional life coach, I worked with clients on life and work issues relating to career transitioning, entrepreneurial building and corporate leadership development.

I can help you live a life you desire and realise your dreams. You may be at a cross road or desire to achieve your life goals and aspirations and looking for some guidance, my coaching programme is here to empower you.

As a qualified and professionally trained coach, plus my years of experience in the corporate sector as a practising lawyer and serving on several boards of directors, I believe I bring much insights into our coaching sessions.

I was leading Investment companies as the CEO and appointed as a director in many companies prior to my transitioning to become a dedicated life coach today. Professionally I served in a number of roles transitioning from a lawyer, manager, director, to a CEO in the financial and investment industries for over 25 years. Back then, the appeal of a coaching mission was strong, but it stayed on the sideline as the timing never seem to be quite right. The catalyst came through a series of events triggering my transition from the corporate world in 2017. When this came, I naturally heeded my coaching call, and it pulled me to become a life coach. This mission drives me to create a life full of abundance for my clients. I will share more when we meet.

If coaching with me sounds like something that you may want to give it a try, get in touch, drop me a note here. My first session with you is free.

My Coaching Credentials

CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach)

ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

Other professional credentials

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As a coach, Su-Yin serves to guide and support your agenda towards living the life you desire.


Blulight’s coaching Philosophy is rooted in Asian philosophy,
知,明, 悟, 修, 行

The essence of these tenets are:

知 (Zhi)- Aware

明 (Ming) – Understand

悟 (Wu) – Awakens

修 (Sui) – Cultivate

行 (Xing) – Action

It is based on the evolution of a seed of thought transforming into an effective action, cultivating life giving sustainable habits. This is In line with the Co- Active model www.co-active.com.

First you raise an awareness of your “Being”, the who you are, setting a solid foundation for what’s to come. Upon your realising of this awareness, understanding comes in, with an eventual awakening on issues that are important to you. This gives rise to a more aware You. Now with a deepened capacity to make a conscious and deliberate choice, you have a higher likelihood of sticking to your conscious choice, along with fuller commitment to cultivate a life changing and life giving habits for sustainable and enduring actions, towards achieving whatever that is meaningful to you.


How coaching works. We meet either face to face (in Singapore) or online for the first session to assess if we can work together. It takes around 30 minutes and this session is free. All coaching sessions are held in the strictest of confidence as this is the fundamental foundation of coaching.

Once you are committed, we will decide what works. We will guide you to utilise your creativity by tapping into your innate resource and talent, and you will be empowered to decide with greater clarity to work on things that matter to you most. It’s all about what’s real for you. Your coach will be with you throughout, actively listening, gently pushing you forward, and just be with you in a non-directive way along our coaching journey.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, do get in touch so that we can get started.

Client Testimonials

FAQ on Life Coaching

1. What is life coaching?

We are familiar with sports coaching. Life Coaching is much like sports coaching, however instead of focusing on your sports goals, you engage a life coach to focus on your life goals. Sports coach improves our game skills in a particular sport, life coach improves how we live a more abundant life.

For other definitions:
ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.[https://coachfederation.org/about]

Co-Active coaching school defines coaching as a relationship of possibilities. ‘Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you … on what you want in your life and on what will help you achieve it … Imagine a relationship with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth … This coaching relationship is one of trust, confidentiality and safety. [https://coactive.com/]

What life coaching IS NOT:
Please be very clear that Coaching is Not Therapy, Not Counselling, Not Mentoring, Not Advisory. Imagine when you are sick, you take medicine to get better. Coaching is like taking vitamin supplements when you are well, and want that booster to go places.

2. I am not depressed, there is nothing wrong with me. Why do I need coaching?

Coaching is not therapy nor counselling. Coaching is not for people facing clinical life challenges. If your life is going well and all of your dreams fulfilled, and there is nothing else you want more of, you don’t want to change a thing, then stop right here and look no further.

Chances are, if you are here, there is some lingering thoughts that you are curious about. It may be a big existential question like is there more to life than this? Or something simpler like why is it I can never get that interview for a potential dream job? Issues you want to get to the bottom of. Then engaging a coach could greatly benefit you. Not because you want your coach to fix it, but because you are now ready to handle and tackle it, and you want to have new tools, perspectives, a fresh way of dealing with it to bring about a different outcome bringing you one step closer to ridding the nagging problem or realising that dream.

3. What do I get from just talking, can’t I just do it with a friend?

You can most certainly talk to a friend. The difference is, in a coaching relationship, it is all about Your agenda, which may not be the case when we engaged in friendly social chats with friends. Coaches are also trained to work together with you, through meaningful conversation, so that each time we make headways towards meeting your agenda.

4. Why do people hire coaches?

There are many reasons why coaches are engaged. It could be if you have a goal and maybe even working hard on it and yet you can’t seem to make any headways. Or that you are wondering what is it like moving from what you have been doing for a long time to something that is entirely new but which you are curious about, and you are not sure if you should take that leap? These are just a couple of examples why people engaged coaches, and many times, there are benefits to be gained from. If you have this aspiration, and want to realise it, then coaching can certainly help.

5. Is it worth it? How soon can I see results if coaching can help?

Yes, often you can see results if you are committed to be coachable towards your goals. Whether it is the case of taking a particular job, to move on or to stay put, taking a leap of faith to build the business of your dreams or to stay and receive the regular paycheque. Coaches are engaged so that you have another sounding board to reflect on, on business strategy, on partnership, whether personally or professionally. Depending on your issue, it could take as short as a session to clear up something and longer than 6 months for bigger goals.

6. Why should I choose Su-Yin to be my coach?

No amount of reading here would be the same as meeting with Su-Yin. Drop a line and get in touch so that we can schedule the initial meeting, and you can check out whether Su-Yin can help you to get what you want.


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