This document sets out how Blulight manages its coaching Client information.

Coaching Log

For the purposes of professional accreditation, each coaching session is logged using the Client’s name, email contact, date and duration of the session. It is in a spreadsheet and password protected.

The relevant coaching authorities (ICF) may request this information to verify our coaches coaching hours. If you as a Client don’t wish for your name to be on our coach log, do alert Blulight or your coach.

Case notes

Brief notes are taken on pen and paper during coaching sessions. Names on the notes are not recorded in full. The notes remain on paper, and kept private in Blulight- My Coachspace physical office. The notes shall be disposed of in a responsible manner once it is not longer needed.

All Coaching Sessions will be confidential

No personal details and materials shall be disclosed to any third party without consent from you as the Client save where the Coach and or the Company, Blulight is required to disclose by law or when information is obtained from a third party without breach of any obligation to You as the Client.

Use Client’s contact details

Client’s email address shall not be given or sold to a third party for marketing purposes.

Blulight will not add client’s email address to of Blulight’s newsletter or marketing events unless you as a Client specifically specify or request.

If you as a Client give a testimonial, Blulight may use it on the websites and use your initial and general description of your profession as a source. If you don’t want to be identified in this manner, do alert Blulight.

Client’s contact number if provided, shall be added to Blulight’s list of Clients contact and remain as a contact as a matter of administrative process.

Erasure requests

You as a Client can request for your personal data to be deleted or destroyed at any time after a coaching engagement.

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